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Active portfolio

Profitability. Growth. Development.

Currently, Helmet is an active owner in 14 companies.

Helmet has a total investment of approximately EUR 90 million in its portfolio companies.



  • Helsinki, Finland

  • Investment year: 2018

  • Industry: Residental care construction

  • Revenue: EUR 8.9 million


CTS Engtec Oy

  • Kouvola, Finland

  • Investment year: 2017

  • Industry: Project management and consulting services for industrial projects

  • Revenue: EUR 9.9 million

Hovako Oy, established in 2009 is specialized in design and construction of residential care homes. Operations are guided by customer needs, expert planning, efficient processes and years of expertise. Hovako operates comprehensively throughout Finland and headquarter stands in Helsinki. 


CTS Engtec is one of Finland's leading companies providing technical design and consulting services for investment.

More than 100 experts from CTS Engtec represent the most demanding expert positions in their own fields. They have expertise in different sectors eq. energy, forestry, mining, metals, chemistry and petrochemical industry for over 40 years.


Investment team: Sampo Ahonen, Pauli Kulvik, Mats Åkerblom


Investment team: Timo Hyvönen, Erkki Kupari, Mats Åkerblom



  • Tampere, Finland

  • Investment year: 2017

  • Industry: Service station construction

  • Revenue: EUR 7.3 million


Otso Metsäpalvelut Oy

  • Tampere, Finland

  • Investment year: 2016

  • Industry: Forestry services

  • Revenue: EUR 26.9 million

Asennusliike Lahtinen Oy has founded 1978 and facilities are located in Tampere, Finland. Company is specialising in service station construction. Activities include the supply and installation of all the aspects of modern service station construction.



OTSO Metsapalvelut Oy is a former Finnish Forestry Center’s business unit that was incorporated in 2016. OTSO is an all-encompassing forestry services company, which offers any kind of support needed for forests.  

OTSO serves forest owners with a wide range of forestry and timber sales services. OTSO’s professionals help forest owners, for example, even by managing their forestry assets or answering questions related to forestry real estate.  

Investment team: Timo Hyvönen, Pauli Kulvik, Christian Arrhenius





Investment team: Timo Hyvönen, Pauli Kulvik, Christian Arrhenius


Citywork Oy

  • Turku, Finland

  • Investment year: 2016

  • Industry: Human resource services

  • Revenue: EUR 11.1 million


Citywork Oy is a company founded in 2006 that specializes in human resource management solutions for Finnish businesses and organizations.

In 2006, Citywork began its operations as a temporary staffing services provider. Later, the company expanded its scope to cover social and healthcare services in 2008, which was divested in 2017. Citywork is revamping the sector and aims to offer new kinds of services and service packages for retail, industrial, logistics and construction industries as well as municipalities. Today, Citywork differentiates itself from its competitors using its operating model that focuses on achieving success for its customers.

Investment team: Timo Hyvönen, Pauli Kulvik, Mats Åkerblom



Turvakolmio Oy

  • Tuusula,Finland

  • Investment year: 2016

  • Industry: Safety systems

  • Revenue: EUR 9.9 million

Founded in 1993, Turvakolmio Oy is a high-profile security integrator that specializes in demanding security technology projects, maintenance and service.

Turvakolmio is a large distributer of electronic safety systems throughout Finland. Based on providing customers with operational quality and the desired level of security, Turvakolmio delivers optimal safety system solutions and provides service and maintenance that extend their lifecycle. At the heart of the company’s business is the highest level of professionalism and reliability.

Investment team: Pentti Kulmala, Pauli Kulvik, Christian Arrhenius


Mitta Oy

  • Oulu, Finland

  • Investment year: 2015

  • Industry: Construction services

  • Revenue: EUR 35.0 million

Mitta was founded in 1989 as a consulting office specialized in a broad range of construction services. Its main focus areas include surveying, geotechnical and ground investigation, soil and mineral laboratory work, environmental and water research as well as importing and renting any equipment required in the field.

With thousands of demanding projects, Mitta Oy has solidified its position as Finland’s leading surveying company.

The company has also grown rapidly as one of the leading players in Sweden. Mitta employs nearly 400 experts in more than 30 locations around Finland and Sweden.

Investment team: Timo Hyvönen, Erkki Kupari, Ville Kulmala, Mats Åkerblom



  • Maarianhamina, Ahvenanmaa, Finland

  • Investment year: 2014

  • Industry: Fish farming

  • Revenue: EUR 0.3 million

Fifax Ab’s business concept is to cultivate first-class rainbow trout using state-of-the-art, innovative and environmentally friendly methods. To achieve this, Fifax has built a fish farm on dry land that operates with a recirculation aquaculture system (RAS). The facility is located in Storby in the Eckerö municipality on the western part of the Åland islands.

Fifax’s goal is to produce the best, locally grown, high-quality and fresh trout.

Investment team: Pentti Kulmala, Timo Hyvönen, Samppa Ruohtula


Victorius Oy

  • Ylikiiminki, Finland

  • Investment year: 2013

  • Industry: Reinforced plastic products

  • Revenue: EUR million


Founded in 2013, Victorius Oy is a North European fiber-reinforced plastic company with an extensive category of both its own and subcontracted products.

The Victorius Group consists of Rääkkylä Plastics, which manufactures removable space solutions, Ykimuovi Finland Oy, which manufactures reinforced plastic products in Oulu, PLB Vindic AB, a manufacturer of reinforced plastic products in Sweden and Iris Fiber Oü, a manufacturer of reinforced plastic products in Estonia.

Investment team: Timo Hyvönen, Pentti Kulmala, Mats Åkerblom


Suomen Levyprofiili Oy

  • Joensuu, Finland

  • Investment year: 2012

  • Industry: Sheet metal structures and components

  • Revenue: EUR million

Suomen Levyprofiili Oy was founded in 1998 as a company with expertise in highly customized sheet metal structures, including their design, assembly and manufacturing technology.

Suomen Levyprofiili Oy has quickly become an important manufacturer of sheet metal structures in Finland. From the beginning, the company has invested boldly in modern technology and expanded its production facilities to keep pace with its growth.


Investment team: Pauli Kulvik, Sampo Ahonen, Mats Åkerblom


Viikinkiravintola Harald Oy

  • Kuopio, Finland

  • Investment year: 2010

  • Industry: Restaurant services

  • Revenue: EUR 8.0 million

Viikinkiravintola Harald Oy is the leading themed restaurant chain in Finland. The company has restaurants in Helsinki, Espoo, Oulu, Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Kuopio and Jyväskylä.

The Harald restaurants serve large portions of the best harvested from the Nordic forests, lakes, air and earth. Service flavored with good humor and Harald’s delicacies served in the unique restaurant’s atmosphere offer an adventurous culinary experience. 

Investment team: Timo Hyvönen, Berndt Blomqvist, Christian Arrhenius

Majava Group Oy

  • Sastamala, Finland

  • Investment year: 2010

  • Industry: Trailers and boat trailers for passenger cars

  • Revenue: EUR 5.3 million

Majava Group, established in 1990, produces boat trailers and trailers for passenger cars.

The company manufactures its high-quality products in Karkku and Pirkkala in Finland. To guarantee quality, Majava invests in products that are durable and provide a long lifetime. Therefore, Majava exclusively uses top-quality materials in its production.

Majava’s main target markets are Finland and Sweden. In Sweden, the company’s operations are handled by its subsidiary M-Trailers Scandinavia AB.

Investment team: Pentti Kulmala, Timo Hyvönen, Mats Åkerblom


Pesmel Oy

  • Kauhajoki, Finland

  • Investment year: 2008

  • Industry: Automated material handling, loading and packing solutions

  • Revenue: EUR 32.3 million

Founded in 1978, Pesmel Oy is a globally recognized supplier of highly automated material handling solutions. Pesmel designs and manufactures conveying, storing and packing systems for paper and metal industry companies.

Pesmel is a leading international expert in material handling solutions, including fully automatic handling, packing and storing systems, which are designed to increase the efficiency of internal factory logistics and maintain product quality.

During nearly four decades of operation, Pesmel has delivered more than 400 handling and packing projects and about 150 storing systems. The company employs more than 160 professionals internationally.

Investment team: Kalevi Puonti, Pauli Kulvik, Sampo Ahonen, Samppa Ruohtula


Hyrles Oy

  • Lohja, Finland

  • Investment year: 2007

  • Industry: Sheet metal and electronics

  • Revenue: EUR 15.4 million

Established in 1989, Hyrles Oy is a contract manufacturer of sheet metal and electronic products. Hyrles offers its customers partial manufacturing as well as even complete large-scale entities in a cost-effective, reliable and competent manner.

The Hyrles production covers mechanical, electronic and electromechanical assembly from parts to whole units. Hyrles is a modern and reliable contract manufacturing partner with years of experience from the successful completion of even the most demanding projects.

Investment team: Pentti Kulmala, Sampo Ahonen, Robin Myntti