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Our approach

Success. Added value. Proactivity.





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Business Model

Helmet actively participates in the business development of its portfolio companies. Leading the operational activities after an acquisition is also one of the company’s main responsibilities. If necessary, Helmet also supports and consults the management teams of the acquired portfolio companies with any operational matters.

Helmet’s primary added value is to offer its strategic expertise as well as to help execute company acquisitions and various financial arrangements. By participating on the board and in various committees, Helmet can ensure the best possible value growth for its portfolio companies.

To finance a company, Helmet uses equity as well as debt. The equity is typically split between share capital and a capital loan.



Industrial expertise

Helmet’s team has extensive, long-term experience from many different industrial sectors and from various sized companies in which they have held a wide range of senior management positions. In addition, Helmet’s team has wide experience in different types of mergers and acquisitions, both in Finland and abroad. There is probably no business situation that would be unfamiliar to the Helmet team members.

For each investment project, Helmet assigns an experienced team, which is actively involved in the work of the company’s board and committees. This team is always available to assist the portfolio companies with business management.

Changes and growth are inevitably linked with new opportunities or potential challenges. Therefore, the support of Helmet’s teams is especially important in these situations. Helmet is an active and committed owner.

Each portfolio company is assigned three Helmet’s representatives, which are always selected depending on industry and business conditions. In addition to the active team, the entire Helmet’s organization and its broad partner network are all available to help the portfolio company meet the objectives.

Only the right combination of expertise can ensure efficient company development, growth and increased value. That’s why the industrial expertise of Helmet paves the way and speeds up the achievement of these objectives.

Track record

Throughout its history, Helmet has invested over EUR 180 million in its portfolio companies. In total, 53 investments have been made of which 14 are still active portfolio companies. Over this period, the average internal rate of return of our investments is 22%.

During Helmet’s ownership of the portfolio companies, compound annual growth rate has increased by an average of 17%. This, combined with the continuous improvement of the portfolio company’s profitability, provides a maximal increase in value for the investors, the entrepreneurs and the company’s management.